Christian Truth or Dare?!

Yeah, you read that right.

Um, what?

Christian Truth or Dare ✞

Currently Available for Android.

Learn more about your spouse and
spark some intimate moments
with a simple download.

Without compromising your faith.

How can Christians play Truth or Dare?

Step 1

Get married.

Step 2

Have a healthy marriage.

Step 3

Download the Christian Truth or Dare ✞ app.

Step 4

Say, "Truth or dare?"

See? It's really not that complicated.
Step 2 is the only hard part.

But what about sin? Lust? That wily devil?


We should probably patent this.

There's something for everyone in Christian Truth or Dare ✞, and the Kinkometers allow you to adjust the intensity to your needs.

Six levels of kink:

  1. Group-friendly
  2. Suggestive
  3. Sensual
  4. Sexual
  5. Adventurous
  6. No Holds Barred

Color Schemes

Pick a Color, Any Color

Don't like the default theme? No problem. Try one of the many alternates.


Make it your own.

Everyone has their own boundaries, and a healthy marital activity will bear those in mind.

Thankfully, Christian Truth or Dare ✞ has a number of options that allow you to customize your gameplay experience.


Got questions? Get answers.

Yes, it's pretty meta, but the our app will actually tell you about our app.


New to Truth or Dare? No Problem.

Not everyone has experience with this game. And frankly, most experiences aren't all that... redeemed.

Thankfully, we have rules right there for easy reference, including some sound counsel on how to keep this a healthy activity.

Isn't this game sinful?

No. Truth or Dare isn't inherently sinful.

And before you ask, we're not dancing around technicalities.

The game of truth or dare is just that: a game. How it's played (and with whom) has a far greater effect on the sinful nature of the activity than the activity itself.

Knowing one's spouse (through truths) and knowing one's spouse (through dares) are built in to God's model for marital intimacy. Truth or Dare simply provides a simple, mechanical framework for facilitating God's design for marriage.

Sounds like you're excusing sin.

Don't agree? That's cool.

No one's forcing you to download the app, much less use it.

And frankly, if you believe it's sinful, it is. Compromising yourself is a bad idea, even if your view isn't held by others. See James 4:17.

Isn't this adultery or fornication?

Not if it's your spouse.

Sex is a healthy part of marriage designed by God to be enjoyed to the full. Provided other sins aren't introduced, any act of sexual intimacy between a husband and wife is part of an undefiled marriage bed. See Hebrews 13:4.

Isn't truth or dare a group activity?

It can be, but it doesn't have to be.

Sexual intimacy is to be between a husband and wife. Period. In no way are we endorsing a sexual act between individuals that aren't married to one antoher.

That said, truth or dare can actually be healthy fun with a group of close friends, provided it respects the boundaries of all involved and honors marriage itself. Typically, this means that group games skew to the silly and whimsical.

In the app, "Group-friendly" settings are available for both truth and dare so you can have fun and get to know each other better without crossing the clear boundaries of Hebrews 13:4. Additionally, a more in-depth FAQ inside the app itself delves into the subject of safely playing in groups.

But what about the children?!

Let's be clear: this game is not for Christian teens.

This is a marital aid, pure and simple.

Yes, it is technically possible for a group of kids to use this app in their exploits. But you're kidding yourself if you think this app is enabling them. There are plenty of secular truth or dare apps out there if they run out of ideas. Though they probably don't need much help there.

Who is responsible for this monstrosity?

That would be us.

We are theUMB. Don't try to pronounce that as a word. It sounds weird.

We're a small group of faithful believers in the Lord who also happen to believe His Word depicts a very sex-positive message when confined to the marriage bed.

Visit our Website

I have another question.

No problem.

There's a much more detailed FAQ inside the app itself. If you want to know more, it's just a click away.

Get the App


I'm blown away by the functionality, and yet the simplicity.

And I think it taps into a popular type of game/activity. Just from, um, research.

"Something Holy"

This needs to exist.

Seriously. Do you know how many apps and websites do the whole truth or dare thing? And do you know how few of them respect marriage?

And how few of those respect the comfort levels of a couple?

And how few of those respect the Word of God, giving a sexy game a chance to be something holy?

"A Stick"

Redeeming Truth or Dare?

Finally, a Christian response that doesn't feel like there's a stick up someone's butt. Unless, you know, they're into that sort of thing.

"Get Out of Our Rut"

My wife and I love Christian Truth or Dare.

We have been married for 26 years and things are a little stale in the bedroom. Christian Truth or Dare helped us get out of our rut by helping us talk about what excites each other.

The game allows us to explore different things with a playful attitude and zero pressure. Thanks for this cool game.

"You Aren't Required to Agree with Us"

I like the look and feel, it's easy to figure out what's what.

I also like that it looks like it could be used by anyone regardless of their personal persuasion. Like "hey this is our intent" in an unobtrusive place, so it's also saying "you aren't required to agree with us to be here."

"Not Christian Enough"

This is not a Christian game!!!!!


(Hey, you can't please everyone.)

Get It Now. I dare you.

Sound interesting? That's because it is. Christian Truth or Dare ✞ is available right now on Google Play.

Get it on Google Play


Current Version

Released 2016-09-15


  • new layout for wider screens


  • fixed blue/pink border display issues
  • fixed security block on data URI fonts


Out of Date. Latest version is v0.3.0.

Released 2016-09-14


  • Bootstrap v3.3.7
  • Cordova cli-6.3.0
  • added information about location in FAQ


Out of Date. Latest version is v0.3.0.

Released 2016-02-20


  • removed all links to
  • renamed package for android to from com.theumb.tod to com.christiantruthordare


Out of Date. Latest version is v0.3.0.

Released 2016-02-06


  • fixed loading screen errors when launching the app
  • fixed first launch checksum bug preventing truth/dare results from showing


Out of Date. Latest version is v0.3.0.

Released 2016-01-01


  • added toggle for extramarital truths (defaults to off)
  • added gameplay variations section in rules


  • loading indicator launches with app


  • always check for new content when on wifi


Out of Date. Latest version is v0.3.0.

Released 2015-12-20


  • added exit app button on Android when initial update fails
  • zoom into dare for fullscreen view
  • share a truth or dare (except on Facebook on Android)


  • fixed version reporting bug
  • removed extraneous closing elements on modal headings


  • updated Rules & FAQ content.
  • play store link on update modal


Out of Date. Latest version is v0.3.0.

Released 2015-12-19


  • nested / ongoing dares & switch


Out of Date. Latest version is v0.3.0.

Released 2015-11-25


  • added Nautical & Puffy Power themes


  • fixed button heading font inconsistency
  • fixed layout issues for some themes


Out of Date. Latest version is v0.3.0.

Released 2015-11-22


  • hide and unhide truths and dares
  • update notification and changelog
  • ping control in settings
  • animated hamburger
  • added Amelia theme
  • added custom theUMB theme, made it default


  • fixed fuzzy geolocation with random quarter mile
  • fixed issue with some FAQ toggles
  • decreased update check timeout to two seconds
  • fixed failure to report app version properly
  • fixed flawed svg icon
  • fixed extra result bug
  • fixed signup box font color bug


  • various security policy additions
  • alert notification system
  • close button on Android
  • added sliding animations on truth/dare area
  • latest version check on launch
  • encrypted pingback
  • added footer menu & moved nonessentials there
  • streamlined top menu
  • Bootstrap v3.3.5
  • Cordova 5.2.0
  • Updated Bootswatch themes to match v3.3.5 Bootstrap
  • sped up vibration patterns for longer patterns
  • animation performance improvements


Out of Date. Latest version is v0.3.0.

Released 2015-11-05


  • (Android only) vibrate count confirms kinkometer level on change
  • added changelog to main menu
  • display changelog on first launch of new version


  • eliminated vibration on launch


  • app version self-awareness
  • fuzzy geolocation before ping for privacy


Out of Date. Latest version is v0.3.0.

Released 2015-11-04


  • Addition of minimum kinkometers
  • Opt-out of ping data
  • Vibrate on generation, setting change


  • Revert to Cordova 3.1.0 for testing
  • assembling and sending basic info (device info, geolocation) on content pings